Our Services


What sets us apart is our nutritionally balanced and cooked meals prepared by qualified chefs from the Surf Club Restaurant and Bar delivered daily to the service. The Service provides morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea. Lunch consists for a main meal with fresh fruit/vegetable or a dairy dessert to follow (Menus and Nutrition guidelines are available at the centre). Information regarding children food intake each day is provided to parents.

Our menus have been developed on a 4 week menu cycle and assessed and approved against the Caring for Children guidelines & the Munch & Move Assessment Criteria of the Munch Menu Project.

Munch Menu Project

The Munch Menu Project assists centres to implement the Caring for Children Guidelines to meet children’s nutritional needs and ensure that food provided is appropriate for children’s growth and development.

Celebration Cakes

Many children like to bring a cake to share with their friends on their birthday. Children love to blow out their candles while their friends are singing ‘Happy birthday’. Our service would like to ensure that this can be achieved while ensuring the health and safety for all involved, therefore no cakes provided or prepared by families will be accepted.

In order to ensure that the correct Food Preparation and Food Hygiene Procedures have been followed, a cake can be ordered through our service, if families would still like to celebrate special occasions at the service with a cake.


All children are encouraged to rest during the day, however no child is forced to sleep. All bedding and linen is provided for children that do sleep.


Nappies are provided by the service.

SunSmart Service

The SunSmart Early Childhood Program is a free & successful national program run by Cancer Councils in each state.

3 Bears Cottage has been successfully accredited with this program for   years. This program supports our service to develop & implement a sun protection policy that reduces children’s exposure to UV radiation and reduces the risk of skin cancer.

Being a SunSmart service helps our service to meet licencing requirement (Department of Community Services) and the national childcare accreditation council.

3 Bears Cottage App

Our service offers communication via our very own Skoolbag App. Please refer to our Parents Corner for further information.