Our Educators

Jasmine Cridge

ECT – Papa Bear Room 

Qualifications: Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Education (Primary/Early Childhood)

Training: First Aid, Asthma and Anaphylaxis

I believe that our children are our future and as an educator, it is my responsibility to nurture and provide a safe, secure and respectful environment that welcomes diversity, challenges, excites, encourages and builds upon a child’s learning and understandings. However, as “children don’t care what you know until they know that you care”, I believe that it is vital to develop strong, positive relationships with them by being responsive to children’s strengths, abilities and interests, providing praise and encouragement and to continually build on their understanding and belief of their own belonging, being and becoming. I believe children learning best through play and receive delight in the joys of exploring the environments around them, whether this is done on their own or collaboratively through interactions with others. Children need to be given the freedom to explore and questions both new and past understandings, as children are encouraged to adopt a love for learning, which they will carry with them throughout their lives. As an educator, I am committed to encouraging and facilitating this sense of wonderment and joy of learning through continuity of learning and transitions and planning opportunities for intentional teaching and knowledge building. In play the mess will wash off, but the learning will persist.