Our Educators

Stevie King

Qualifications: Certificate III Business, Diploma Early Childhood Education and Care, Enrolled – Bachelor Education (Birth to 5 Years)

Training: First Aid, Asthma and Anaphylaxis

I believe providing all children with opportunities to find their strengths and extend on their skills in a safe, secured, and supportive environment. The United Nations convention on the Rights of the Child states that education should help every child to use and development their talents and abilities, as well as learn to protect the environment and respect other people. This statement is powerful to me, and I am passionate about in making sure that all children from all different diverse backgrounds have the rights to all 54 articles.

Each has the right to learn about their culture and history, this helps build a connection and to feel belonging to a community. No matter where you come from or where you live, each child has a right to a high quality program that gives the children an opportunity to create a strong sense of identity, feel connected and contribute to their world, create a strong sense of wellbeing, development the skills to become confident and involved learners and to development the skills to become effective communicators.

Each child needs to be supported by not only by their families but also by their educators and community, I believe by building strong relationships with families and the community it will help each child to reach their full potential and create a successful path for their future.

I am also very passionate about making sure that all educators feel appreciated and respected. Building strong and trusting relationships with educators is important to me as I believe when educators feel supported and appreciated, they provide nurturing relationships to the children and creating safe, secured, and supportive environments.