Are all Early Childhood services the same? What sets services apart? And what do you receive for your fees?
With 2020 just looming around the corner, many services are looking to their waitlist applications for the coming year and with the recent influx of new services popping up around the Coffs area, a lot of parent inquiry into what exactly are they and their children receiving in the way of services for their fees has been asked.
Every Early Childhood Service is unique, no two are the same and while it is true to say that in NSW all need to comply with legislation, how and to what degree each service chooses to comply is what sets them apart. With this in mind there are a couple of tips that families should be looking into when deciding on where to enrol their children.
Highly trained Educators has long been attributed to high quality outcomes for children and with research continually indicating that the first 5 years of a child’s life is the most influential, with critical development taking place at a rapid pace, that will never again be replicated in their life. With “700 neural connections being formed every second during this 5 year span”, it is guaranteed, that time spent in care will completely shape your child’s future. With this in mind then, it is more important now, than ever, that families are placing their children into services with a team of the most qualified Educators that they can find. At 3 Bears our Pre- School room is overseen by two full time university trained teachers, who are registered and accredited with BOSTES (Board of studies Teaching and Education Standards NSW, to ensure suitable teacher education programs are supported. Registration with BOSTES requires maintenance through continual personal training and assures currency of professional knowledge to enhance outcomes for your children. At 3 Bears our other two rooms, the toddler and babies rooms are led by two Diploma trained Educators, with all other staff having completed or are enrolled in the cert 111 in child care. Our service is also led by the owner, working daily within the service, with over 20 years’ experience, is teacher accredited and University trained. A highly qualified owner that works within their service can efficiently, enlist, maintain, monitor and guide the talents and energy of their team and service, promoting positive outcomes for all stakeholders involved.

The program!
Ask yourself this. What is more important to you, discovery based programs, academic drill and practise, programs that align with your parenting approach or opportunities for children to make choices. We at 3 Bears believe that well-adjusted, resilient and resourceful children will achieve all life outcomes and will rise above all that life can throw at them.
Your children, while at 3 Bears will be given a voice to express needs and contribute to decisions with wisdom and insight. Problem solve through play as they test theories, imagine and predict how the world could work and will be emotionally supported and become mentally balanced as we promote connections with communities and recognise the importance of families.
Gaining Confidence and character in the early years at 3 Bears, will have allowed your child to acquire the correct behaviours and attitudes to be fearless of failure in the years ahead and less anxious towards academic achievement in the future.

Family needs!
Do you need care over school holiday breaks? Do you have time to pack nutritious fresh lunches, linen and a nappy bag each day? Family needs have been at the heart of 3 Bears philosophy since construction some 20 years ago. As a mum of six children of my own, I know first-hand that it does in fact take a village to raise just one child. Given that child care services enables parents to engage in work, it only makes sense then to provide a service to meet these needs. Designing and delivering a flexible service with a focus on the whole family was formed. We provide care 52 weeks of the year for 0-5 year olds and supply everything your child would need for a day of care, like nappies, linen, drinks and food. We provide a munch menu that has been endorsed by and follows the guidelines set by NSW Health for food and nutrition. Not a vegemite sandwich in sight, Fresh food is delivered daily by Matt and his team from the Surf Club Restaurant. Children have unique nutrition needs and these needs play a very important role in brain and behavioural development, this is why providing children with a well-balanced meal throughout the day while in care is so important for optimal functioning.
Parents haven’t been forgotten either. No time for breakfast grab a piece a fruit from our complimentary fruit basket on the way out. Need bread or milk for the next morning, also grab this from us, who needs to struggle with a store visit at the end of a very long day.

Have further questions? Come give 3 Bears a visit. The number one thing that makes our centre special are our families and so we welcome your family to walk through our doors and become a part of our community. We are conveniently located in the CBD and are open from 7.30am-6.00pm, Monday to Friday.