It is best to enrol children on an individual basis, as this will make the task of relaying information easier, and we will be more able to respond to initial questions and to dispel concerns that may be felt for the child. Therefore we ask families to make time for an enrolment appointment, where you can be introduced to all staff members.


There is an initial Registration fee that is non-refundable (going towards administration fees and a 3 Bears sun safe hat and t-shirt).

Families are also required to pay three week’s fees, two of which are in advance on commencement at the centre.

Families are required to keep their account 2 weeks in advance at all times. This service uses the Debit success Direct Debit payment system.

Child Care Subsidy (CCS) are available to help with the payment of your fees. As the amount is based on an assessment of your income, fees will vary for each family.


Please contact our friendly staff to organise a time to come in and view our service and place your details on our Waitlist.
Alternatively details can be submitted via email.

Submit an enrolment enquiry using the form on this page.


Enquire about enrolment using the form below. Please complete a separate form for each child.