How has your Business evolved since it
Business today is characterised by
relentless change. To stay competitive, businesses
must continually grow and evolve.
Back in 1995 when 3 Bears opened, I myself was
able to wear the hats of several roles within the
business, from office admin, Early Childhood
teacher, Nursery room leader, supervisor and
Today sees each of the above roles allocated
to individual members, with many positions
requiring multiple staff to complete the roles.
At first it wasn’t easy for me to accept that I
could no longer have complete control over my
business and that it was time to let go of the
As a pisces woman I’m very much a sentimental
creature who tends to tie memories and emotions
to things, so even stuff that has nominal
value can be precious to me. However, I have
discovered that change doesn’t have to mean the
end. You just need to ask yourself “how can I
capitalise on this opportunity, as a result of those
By diversifying what 3 Bears was doing, we were
able to do a lot more for our families, children
and Educators.
What Business leaders do you look up too?
Richard Branson is somebody that I admire and I
quite often look to his principles for inspiration.
Branson looks at hiring his weaknesses, searching
for talent in areas where he himself does not
My staff will definitely get a giggle when they
read this, but mine is definitely technology!

Sourced from Focus Magazine