Do you worry about what your children need to know before starting school?

Why do we perceive school academic equestrian to be a formalised lesson to produce children that can for instance pronounce phonics correctly? Why do we perceive that  the early introduction to this style of learning will somehow get our children ready for school, or even to a provide a step ahead of other children, so they will perform at the top of their class when they reach “Big school”?

Did you know that children’s brains aren’t developed fully until the age of 7, for reading and writing? So why are we creating environments that simulate this in the early years?

Quality programs in the Early Childhood Industry should be developed to support and guide children in all areas of learning through play.

At 3 Bears Cottage we understand this and appreciate why play therefore is so important in the years before school. In our service we take the time to provide a well-balanced play-based program. The joy of doing, investigating and discovery, around the things that engage the children’s own unique selves is crucial. Our “School readiness” program is lovingly created with an attention to detail with an intention to engage our children to be active equal participants in learning. We strive to create beauty in our environment, where educators lovingly tend to experiences that are pleasurable and delightful to produce skills required for a lifetime.

Yes a pre-schooler is capable of learning phonics, however is this authentic skill required for a 4 year old? We’re already pushing children too hard, too young. Rote learning does not equal true learning, super smart does not always produce kind sociable people.

Academic based programs leave nothing to chance and are more about the product and outcome. For children to grow up as competent and confident learners and communicators, they need experiences that nourish the mind, body and spirit. If this is taught in the early years the rest will just fall in place when they enter the years of formal education, as they have been valued early on by their Educators to make sensible decisions, choices and respected to challenge themselves through exploration with real things in a play setting.

At 3 Bears, school readiness is taught by weaving maths and literacy for instance, into all play learning areas. Natural and sustainable resources create a home like environment that is clam and promotes comfort. Our wellbeing curriculum involves tuning in to the present moment with openness and curiosity. Our Educators work very hard to create hands on play activities of discovery and appropriate risk taking, where there is no right or wrong way, just one of awe.