What have you learnt over the past 12 months and how has your business changed? Supporting children’s learning through the COVID pandemic meant the introduction of many different routines and experiences throughout our environment for both children, families, and our Educators.

In return this required our Educators to focus on creativity more than ever to establish innovative ways to achieve similar Learning outcomes.

When interacting and building relationships with people was restricted, many of our connections with the community, which has always been a highlight of 3 Bears Educational practice, just ceased. Knowing that social isolation can cause significant emotional pain and a negative impact on health and wellbeing of everyone, we quickly began brainstorming on initiatives that would focus on keeping up social connections even while physically distancing, to ensure we are still developing healthy social humans in these unusual times.

A fluffy bunny, a clucky chicken or even a worm!

There is no mistake how much joy animals bring to children. But did you also know that animal interaction can improve children’s social interaction, reduce stress and anxiety, and increase motivation in learning?

And let’s face it, the past 12 months definitely needed new ways to motivate everyone.

As the pandemic has shown, educators make a crucial contribution to ensuring continuity of learning and supporting the mental health and wellbeing of everyone.


Our amazing 3 Bears Educators worked very hard on this initiative individually and collectively to find a solution and create a new learning environment to allow education to continue.

Observing, interacting with, and learning to care for our chickens became a valuable part of our education and care experience at 3 Bears and an extension to enriching our services “influencing wellbeing” program.

I would like to commend my Educators for the role they have played during the last 12 months and continue to play in partnering with me as an Early Childhood provider that offers plenty of different opportunities for children to learn.

Sourced from Focus Magazine – MARCH 2021