It’s all in the planning. Settling babies into formal care is probably going to take a little while to become comfortable. However some careful forward-thinking and preparation is going to make things a lot less stressful.

  1. Settling your baby into the service a couple of weeks before your important return to work day is without doubt our number one first rule of advice. Knowing you have the time and convenience to return back to the service at any time in the first few weeks, to perhaps settle a not so happy baby (or parent!) definitely relieves a lot of pressure. Distress at separation can be unpleasant for everyone involved.
  2. Daily routine. Getting to know the services routine and adjusting a few things at home to align with this schedule, will allow your baby to make slow adjustments to change.
  3. Short visits made together at the service in the weeks before will allow your baby to get to know who their main educators will be. Gentle introductions to the room, extra children and a much noisier environment than home will build a stronger resilience to separation.

Positive relationship building is at the core of 3 Bears Cottages settling processes.